CD TerraDown – Judgement


CD Judgement | 10 tracks | May 2020 | Digipac including Lyric Booklet

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With a heavy philosophical view in its lyrics, the songs set the stage for the concept of TerraDown. A group of survivors in a broken world, where all the faults and mistakes of our present day society led to an apocalyptic event.

The songs, the lyrics and the performance of TerraDown make the audience contemplate about themselves, their society and their future. The debut album will be a ‘Judgement’ on this day and age. In which every individual may hear their own story.

Including an eight page lyric booklet. 


  • Statement
  • Volition
  • Break Your Chains
  • Memories
  • Caged in Stone
  • Black Blood
  • Reburied
  • Overlord
  • From the Skies
  • Into the Devil’s Lair


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